Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Little Things ....

.... will be the new name of this blog. I feel that i have been very lax in updating my blog and the reason for that is the theme for my blog is quite limiting. I'm not one to stick to anything rigidly, but i feel that having made the whole blog about letters to friends, i'm confined to just finding material that i can relate to my friends. Which doesn't really work because....i...i'm just gonna put it out there...i..don't have a lot of FRIENDS.....!!*sigh*

Then i read this article about how to be a good blogger is by having something that you love to write about and not forced i thought about it...and what i really love doing is appreciate the little things in life. especially when it comes to Muaz. I love to document his conversations and now i'll have a place to put it.

Anyhoo, i came upon the title when i was watching Zombieland, which, for those who have yet to see it, is freaking AWESOME!!! i'm not about to do the review of the movie here as i'm in a rush. But the movie is basically about people living in Zombieland. HOw's that for giving it the absolute minimum? hardy har. Anyways, one of the characters talked about enjoying the little things even in a zombie outbreak, so i says to maself...well, hey! ima take that lil quote and jest run with it, Uh-huh.....

woah...musta have been posessed by a redneck for a minute there.

*deep breath*

i feel like this is a start of something beautiful...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Awesome Night with the Turdz

you are awesome.

Absence makes the heart grows fonder, and i am very fond of my Turdz.The sleepover, as all Turd sleepover goes, starts with the normal "discussions" on what happened recently and the most recent thing would be the BENL Alumni Dinner which, according to Suemy, is a waste of RM100.

i didn't go.

Two reasons: lack of money and my awkward reflex was acting up. it does that sometimes. i would get the most sickening feeling in my gut and my memory would go on hyper search and replay the most AWKWARD scenes i have ever experienced that is related to the upcoming event.In this case scenes in UIA. this reflex makes me squirm and makes me want to avoid any such scenes in the near future, especially if the people involved in those awkward times will be there.

But I digress. What i wanted to say was that the sleepover was everything i had hope for and more.
There was the getting lost by the all stylish Suemy :"I knew this would happen!"
the ribbing of one bra less Yanna:"But you can't really see the nipple!"
the death threats by the attention deficit Mady(aka Mann and/or The Lion):"How would you like your legs? minced or diced?"
and the get to know your sex i.d quizzes Mistress Myra made all of us take:"i'm actually a man!!"
I decided to mix it up a little by making it a somewhat girly event by bringing some facial masks i got at Elianto:"facial masks, everybody!!!! weee!!!!"
*cough* i wasn't THAT *cough* excited......

Um....yeah, well they were on sale and i got 6 packets for rm24. not bad amirite? What with the rm40 worth of junk food and everyone comfy on the bed, we wrapped up the night with the viewing of a dark comedy called "Burke and Hare" starring Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg (God, i love these two). Based on a true story, Burke (Pegg) and Hare (Serkis) are two entrepreneurs who killed people and sold them to doctors for dissection as a form of learning about the human body. It was set in the 1800 and it is pret-ty funny. my favourite line: "I had confidence on a fart once, and i shat myself"...Sweet.

Next morning Mady introduced Suemy and I to a Japanese film called "Confessions" which with all intent and purposes is one of the darkest, twisted, morally twisted movie I have seen so far.

...and i LOVE it...

the characters are all unsympathetic and have the some of the most unacceptable excuses for doing the things they did, but that is what makes it brilliant. My favourite character is the Teacher. That lady knows how to make your life a nightmare, for real. The cinematography is to a visual orgy and the soundtrack is brilliant. Thanx Mady...tho i wasn't the least bit surprised that thsi movie turned out the way it did seeing as how you recommended it...hahaha...

All in all...time spent with the Turds is time well spent....i don't care if that doesn't sound right, i just love hanging out with them peeps. haha. better be signing off.
till later, Awesome Night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dear Miss Matched

It is so odd to have to wonder what goes on in your head as i am talking to you. I guess since you have little bearing on what is going on around you I shouldn't be worried if my comments are rude or if my questions are disjointed. Or even if I don't make any sense. But I am worried. For me. you see, its because when i start a conversation, in my mind i know that what i say will make sense by the way you respond. but you don't. which makes me unsure. which makes my brain go blank. I don't like my brain going blank, because i have my masters to finish, and if this happens often enough my thesis will be titled "Um, what? oh. ntah" and it will be on a piece of a used a4 paper stapled to my head.

I'm sure in a superhero world that will be a very useful skill. say Victor Von doom has a plan all set up to take you down and burn your ass. But as soon as he meets you, hang you atop a vat of boiling acid, starts a monologue of his plans and sees that you have not reacted in the slightest, he will lose all pride and meaning of being a super villain.

but you are not in that world, you're in this one. with me in it. and according to our birth dates, i was here first.

so all in all....


all in all.... i just wanna say...


damn. that is your superpower. I'm doomed.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Muaz,

I miss being around you.

I wish i didn't have to grow up and look for jobs and get my masters and learn to live the single life the hard way. I can't seem to master being a grown up. It feels like jumping into quicksand and learning that struggling will only kill you faster when you're already nose deep.

So I'm starting to stop struggling, and move each limb with the force of a whisper.

I'm already waking up each and every day with the thought that this day, I shall live. Today, I shall survive. And each day combined is a week, each week combined is a month and pretty soon, it's next year. Pray for me.

Till later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dear Nurul Iman,

I thought of your song cause it's been haunting me for a while now.I couldn't find the full lyric online. there was only tidbits of it. But i pieced them all together by memory.Here goes....

Nurul Iman berdiri di tingkap,

Ada awan di langit biru,
Terapung-apung di atas bukit.
Tiada tiang, tiada tali,
Namun jatuh tak sekali.

Ada burung terbang bebas,
Angin bersih bertiup lepas.

Ada pohon hijau menawan,
bunga-bungaan bermacam-macam.

Sungguh cantik, sungguh indah,
Sungguh besar kuasa Allah.

Jadikan itu, jadikan ini,
Untuk hambaNya yang disayangi.

Nuru Iman berfikir-fikir,
Untuk bersyukur kepada Allah,
Keluar katanya dari bibir,
Subhanallah, Subhanallah.

Keluar katanya dari bibir,
Subhanallah, Subhanallah.

I hope others who are trying to dig up their childhood song finds this entry helpful.
Till later!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Salwa,

I know Muaz often finds the world confusing. Certain things that may seem effortless to us is unfathomable in his head. Like the concept of time. He used to think that ‘last year’ and ‘yesterday’ are the same thing. We were always correcting him: “No, Muaz, yesterday is not last year. Last year is when you were standard five. Yesterday is when you had Kumon” – or something like that. It got to a point where it was just too annoying that we’d just tell him to shut up. Don’t worry, he gets it now. He’d say things like “Kak Ngah, you were form 4 in 2002. You were standard 5 in 1997.” If sometimes he finds it difficult to place the day or month of a certain happening, he’d use the term ‘the other day’ instead of ‘yesterday’ – which is more or less correct. But sometimes, his mistakes are quite poetic. Or maybe it’s just me. I’m a sentimental fool.

Anyway, once we were watching a commercial for Gaviscon, a product that relieves heartburn. The image on the telly was of a man soothing his chest which looked like it was on fire.

Muaz: Kesian die, tak boleh dapat anak perempuan.

Me: Kenape?

Muaz: Sebab hati die terbakar (Heart. Burn. Get it?)

Me: Habis tu?

Muaz: Kalau takde hati tak boleh dapat anak perempuan sebab perempuan dari hati.

Me: (^_^) heeee….

I know it’s silly, and I did correct him a little later about the meaning of heartburn (skipped the part about where girls – or boys for that matter – came from) but it reminded me of that nursery rhyme:

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails,
That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice, and everything nice,
That's what little girls are made of.

I fight with him often and I'd get so angry at him sometimes that I'd wish he'd just take a pill and rid him of the stupid autism and ADHD. But I know that I can't imagine living with a normal, boring 13 year old. Or if I'd love him the same.

Anyhow, till later. Love and peace.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dear Hannah,

I'm sick. Gots flu and have been sneezing the whole day. Even during Shakespeare exam dis morn. Kinda loud too, but i don't give a damn. I'm SICK...Huuuuuu

Tissue da abis - 2 kotak. Am usin hanky, tho i think it mite not b very hygienic. Huuuu.... Dis flu is so inconvenient at the mo. Cuz am sorta gonna b buzy 4 the next few days.

9th Nov :Study Editing
10th Nov : Editing final
11th Nov : Ayah's coming to pik up my stuff
12th - 15th Nov: Youth Outdoor Quest (am Prog Coordinator - mcm mane nak buat preparations nih?)

Haven't packed. Can't study. Got runny nose. *Ahchoo!*

Till later.